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SWF by Stitch It International Makes Impressions Magazine Innovative Product Spotlight

Stitch It International - Thursday, May 04, 2017

SWF's patented dual functionality feature on our embroidery machines has been spotlighted in the newest Impressions Magazine Innovative Issue!

The magazine spotlighted innovators within the apparel industry and we, along with other companies, are featured in the embroidery section.

Read the entire article below and find out just what makes the dual functionality on our SWF machines impressive.

From Impressions Magazine May 2017 Vol. 41 No. 1:

Stitch It International
Patton, Missouri



Dual Function Embroidery Machines

Kyle McMinn doesn't want to just meet the standards set by the embroidery industry; he wants to raise the bar even higher. The CEO of Stitch It International says the key to doing that is to not only have a team of people who know the industry, but also breed creativity and inspire those around them.

Serving as SWF's official distributor for the United States, Stitch It International knew the Dual Function series of embroidery machines would benefit embroiders twofold. Patented Dual Function Technology allows two different items and patterns to be embroidered simultaneously on one machine. Also, the entire machine won't stop during a thread break and operators can set up the next job while the machine still is running, resulting in reduced downtime and more efficient production.

The Dual Function machines can work as a traditional multihead or two independent machines. Other features include the ability to embroider caps and flat, tubular hoops simultaneously; tool-less transition between both via the Quick Change Cap System; and a 10.4-inch control panel.

"With simultaneous jobs able to run, users can finish production on several projects without stoppage," McMinn says. "This means increased revenue overall through saved time and high production for those that use this machine for their business. Most importantly, quality stitching standards are maintained with this increased productivity.

Link to original article in Impressions May 2017 Digital Edition

Take a look at the feature in action:



SWF Dual Function Machines:

SWF/B-T1202D (Two heads)

SWF/K-UH1504D (Four heads)

SWF/K-UH1506D (Six heads)

SWF/K-UH1508D (Eight heads)

Special Thanks from SWF, Stitch It International

Jason Starkey - Tuesday, December 27, 2016

SWF distributed by Stitch It International would like to Thank all of the new and established SWF embroidery machine customers for a successful first year as your partner is supplying and servicing your SWF embroidery machine needs.  It has been a great year for SWF products distributed by Stitch It International and we look forward to providing more New SWF embroidery machines, parts and service throughout 2017.  We have been thrilled with the year one results as we become an even better supplier for our customers needs.  We are so excited about 2017 that we have decided to give away one of our best selling compact single head embroidery machines at the ISS Show in Long Beach CA.  We decided to do this to show our dedication to the SWF brand and the embroidery industry.  You must come to the SWF booth to register to win the SWF/E-T1501C.  Hope to see you there, but if you can't make it we have the New SWF embroidery machines available from our multiple locations for purchase today.  We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are excited to join in a Happy New Year!!! Thank you all!!!

SWF Embroidery Machines - Fort Worth ISS 2016

Jason Starkey - Friday, September 30, 2016

Come visit SWF/Stitch It International at booth 846 at the Imprinted Sportswear Show (ISS) in Forth Worth, TX.  The show will begin Thursday October the 6th through Saturday October 8th at the Forth Worth Convention Center.  SWF will be displaying  New SWF industrial embroidery machines during the show.  We will also have contact information for those customers that have been mislead into believing SWF was no longer producing embroidery machines.  Stitch It International is the only distributor for SWF embroidery machines in the United States.  Stitch It International has new commercial embroidery machines, new SWF parts and certified service technicians available for your SWF embroidery needs.  SWF is the only industrial embroidery machine in the industry offering the dual function technology.  The Dual Function technology will be on display at our Fort Worth ISS show.  Hope to see you there and tell you about 2017's single head embroidery machine giveaway. 


SWF Automatic Oiling System

Stitch It International - Monday, August 22, 2016

Have you ever trained in a new employee and tried to explain all the places a multihead embroidery machine needs to get oiled? Oiling a large embroidery machine takes a lot of work. There are so many places that you have to make sure that you don’t miss. Whether it is getting all the needle bars lubed up or oiling the rotary hooks, the tedious work of hitting every point with an oiler pen can be daunting for someone who is not experienced. If one of those points is forgotten, over time it can ultimately cause a major failure that could cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, the problems associated with oiling a machine have been solved by SWF. SWF has created an amazing system that gets into all those places for you so that you can focus on what's important to you, embroidering and making money.

Not Missing an Oiling Location

There are videos all over the internet trying to explain to people how to oil embroidery machines and how to get into all the nooks and crannies of the machine to find these locations. With a single head machine this can be quite a task, but when it comes to a multihead embroidery machine it gets overwhelming. Having to keep track of oiling needle bars alone can be crazy especially when it's a 15 needle machine and there are 8 heads (this makes 120 oiling points by itself). It is too easy to get pulled off of oiling a machine to do some other task and forget where you were at in the oiling process. This is why SWF has created their automatic oiling system. Instead of you having to remember all the oiling points, they did it for you. Throughout the machine is a network of oiling lines that carries oil to all its hard-to-reach places. No longer do you need to stop embroidering and making money to go through the lengthy process of oiling. Instead, by using SWF machines equipped with their special oiling system, your machine can get oiled quickly and without extensive training.

Getting the Right Amount of Oil

One of the problems in trying to teach someone how to oil a multihead embroidery machine is remembering how many drops from an oil pen each location is supposed to get. Just the tubular arm alone can have several oiling points and each of these points needs to get different amounts of drops. To make matters worse, not only does each point get adifferent numbers of drops, but they also need to get oiled at different intervals. While one spot needs a couple drops about once a week, there are other spots that need to be oiled several times a day when running. SWF has simplified this process by having their system deliver the right amount of oil to each point.

Forgetting to Oil

Getting busy working on embroidery jobs can cause anyone to forget about maintenance. However, forgetting to oil your embroidery machine can be a costly mistake. Every mechanical machine with lots precision moving parts depends on oil to keep it running smoothly. When an embroidery machine goes down it not only cost money to fix, but it also means the embroidery jobs that are making you money are not getting completed. SWF has placed its oiling reservoir in a convenient location making it easy to access and it stands as a visible reminder of your need to oil your machine. Located next to this reservoir is a little handle. By pumping this handle, the correct amount of oil can get delivered throughout your machine.

Performing the routine maintenance work of oiling your embroidery machine is very important and without it major repairs will be needed. This work often requires special training and knowledge about the location of specific machine parts. With the SWF automatic oiling system, a new employee can learn to oil a large multihead embroidery machine in seconds and your business can save costly time doing maintenance. If you would like to bring the SWF automatic oiling system to your shop contact us today for a quote on a new multihead SWF embroidery machine!

SWF Appoints Stitch It International as Sole United States Distributor

Jason Tinnin - Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sunstar Co. LTD, (a South Korea based manufacturer of SWF embroidery equipment and accessories), is very pleased and excited to announce the appointment of Stitch It Intl as the sole authorized distributor of SWF embroidery equipment and accessories for the entire United States.

This appointment of Stitch It Intl as the sole US distributor will provide our many past and future customers with a stable and trustworthy nationwide sales force, along with a comprehensive parts department, and backed by their knowledgeable customer service department. With over 26 years of experience in the embroidery machine sales/service business, Stitch It Intl brings a confidence and stability to the embroidery machine market that is unparalleled in the industry.

We are excited to know that all existing and future SWF customers will have the full support and access to our full line of SWF embroidery machines and accessories, along with our cutting edge technology, as we continue to provide the industry with superior products, support, and innovative ideas.

Embroidery Machines Displayed at NNEP Nashville

Jason Starkey - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Come visit us at the Nashville NNEP show on August 5th and 6th to see our SWF embroidery machines.  Contact information for new SWF machine sales, genuine SWF parts and certified SWF service technicians will be available.  Also see our press release stating we are the sole distribution point for SWF industrial embroidery machines manufactured by Sunstar.  Enjoy viewing the 2016 embroidery machines being currently produced in Korea.  SWF/Stitch It International is also now the official distribution point for the Western United States eliminating the multiple distribution points of confusion about who to contact for sales, parts, service and support.  SWF/Stitch It International will be happy to support all your SWF needs as we move forward "Sewing, Worldwide, Forwards".  See you in Nashville!!!

SWF Quick Change Cap System

Stitch It International - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How the Quick Change Cap System can Transform your Business

When you are pressed to get embroidery jobs done, nothing matters more than efficiency and maintaining the momentum of your workers. Having to switch between caps and flat hoops or from hoops to caps is one of those things that can break the momentum. When the momentum of the job slows it is challenging to build it back up again and this loss can severely affect the productivity of your company. The largest problem when changing between caps and flat hoop is having to pull out the tool, keep from dropping screws, and tediously lining up brackets with small holes. Fortunately, this major hassle has been uniquely solved by SWF embroidery machines. By utilizing the SWF Quick Change Cap System, your embroidery company can maintain its momentum between every job and maximize your business’s profits.

Unique Patented Design

Every embroidery machine manufacturer has to come up with their ways of making their machines work, but not every design is efficient and user-friendly. SWF has designed a unique patented system that optimizes the process of changing caps and tubular hoop when switching between different embroidery jobs. They have done this by making three primary component: a linear motion guide rail, a tapered steel pivot axle, and a slide bearing. The linear motion guide works to provide smooth and meticulous movement for cap embroidery while the weight of the cap driver is supported by the steel pivot axle. Working in tandem with the pivot axle and motion guide, the slide bearing, being constructed from precision ball bearings, enable the driver to accurately position each stitch. All these components are built into a single assembly that uniquely attaches to the same brackets as flat hoops. This unique design eliminated all the extra parts necessary to change from one system to the other.

Tool-less Transition from Hats to Hoops

Nearly all commercial embroidery machines suffer from design flaws requiring special tools to transition from running caps and flat tubular hoops. If you have ever dropped the screws need to mount your brackets and drivers behind your large embroidery machines you know what kind of difference a tool-less and screw-less design can make. The Quick Change Cap System by SWF has transformed the market by completely eliminating the need for tools and screws. No longer is there a need to find the right size Allen wrench or screwdriver, all that needs to be done is to unclip the cap driver and clip in your flat tubular hoop into the same brackets the cap driver was mounted on. By eliminating the things that slow down starting up each embroidery job, SWF has overcome one of the largest design flaws found in commercial embroidery machines today.

Get Your Quick Change Cap System Today

If you are convinced that the Quick Change Cap System is what your business needs to ramp up its work and keep from getting slowed down by unnecessary tedious transitions from various jobs then we can help. We carry a wide range of commercial SWF embroidery machines that range from single head machines to large dual function machines that can embroider more than one design at the same time. Every SWF machine we carry is equipped with the Quick Change Cap System, so if you are a small embroidery shop or a large embroidery manufacture, we have you covered. We will work with you and even allow you to trade in your old machines for a discount on your new full featured SWF embroidery machine. With optional financing available you won’t need to let anything stop your business from reaching its full potential. Call us today for an estimate and to find out what kind of deals we have going now! 1-888-571-2171

Most affordable embroidery machine

Jason Starkey - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What is the most affordable embroidery machine? With the ability to run two separate jobs at one time or operate your embroidery machine as a two head embroidery machine while staying under $20,000 for a new two embroidery head machine. The answer is the SWF/B-T1202D, dual function 1x1 embroidery machine. No other machine can run two separate jobs at the same time or act as a two head machine in the industry. The dual function technology sets SWF embroidery machines in a category by their selves. If you have an embroidery shop in this competitive business and you do not explore this technology you are missing out on a great opportunity. The SWF/B-T1202D is the small embroidery shops dream, you can take care of small jobs quickly and even at the same time. Perfect for hat's, the B-T1202D is equipped with the quick change cap driver for both heads. The SWF/B-T1202D can knock out athletic team caps in a hurry. Shirts with left chest logos are no problem at all and you can navigate between jobs with the user friendly touch screen LCD panel. For all this you can still be under $20,000 dollars delivered and installed anywhere in the U.S. Check out the affordable SWF/B-T1202D at New SWF 2016 B-T1202D's are currently in stock at SWF/Stitch It International.


Industrial, Commercial or Home Embroidery Machines

Jason Starkey - Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What are Industrial, Commercial or Home version embroidery machines?  The Commercial or Industrial embroidery machine has been built for production and continual use.  By continual we mean it is ran for long periods of time, day after day. In the current embroidery industry commercial or industrial embroidery machines are most commonly multi-needle machines.  These needles are used to change between colors quickly and easily to increase production and decrease the time it takes to embroider product. The commercial or industrial machines differ from home embroidery machines in mainly there construction, at one time they were most commonly single needle but the industry is seeing more multi-needle home machines as technology develops.  Most home or hobby based machines are made up of plastic components which will not stand up to the heat and demand of production long term. Generally home embroidery machines also have a limited embroidery area and are limited to few accessories compared to industrial machines.  Problems and breakdowns may also be catastrophic and make no sense to repair on home model machines.  However, home machines are very inexpensive compared to commercial machines and can be purchased from most small sewing machine distributors or even shopping centers. Some examples of Home Embroidery machines are brands like Janome, Brother and Bernina.  SWF offers a crossover model between home and commercial deemed the MA-series which includes the MA-6 and the MAN-12.  Examples of industrial and commercial embroidery machines would be SWF, Tajima, Barudan and ZSK.   

Embroidery Machine Training

Jason Starkey - Monday, July 18, 2016

SWF/Stitch It International is happy to announce free additional training at our facility to customers purchasing a new SWF embroidery machine from Stitch It International.  Stitch It International feels free additional training on the operation and performance of the SWF embroidery machine will not only benefit loyal customers but also the SWF Brand Embroidery machine.  Training will be available for one week during the month and customers will be required to preregister two weeks in advance for the service.  SWF/Stitch It International offers a full line of commercial embroidery machines, parts and service. SWF will provide the service on all model's of the industrial embroidery machines from the SWF/E-T1501c compact single head, the SWF/E-T1501 full size single head machine, SWF/E-U1501 bridge type single head, the 1x1 dual function SWF/B-T1202D, the multi-head 2 head SWF/K-UK1502,  the standard and expanded field 4 head, SWF/K-UH1504 and SWF/K-UK1504 models, the 6 head standard and expanded field machines, SWF/K-UH1506 and SWF/K-UK1506,  the 8 head SWF/K-UH1508 and last but certainly not least the 4, 6 and 8 head dual function machines, SWF/K-UH1504D, SWF/K-UH1506D and the SWF/K-UH1508D machines. Along with the free additional training offered by SWF/Stitch It International the New SWF Embroidery machines come standard with the Quick Change Cap Option and the Industry's longest seven year warranty.    

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