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Embroidery Machines Displayed at NNEP Nashville

Jason Starkey - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Come visit us at the Nashville NNEP show on August 5th and 6th to see our SWF embroidery machines.  Contact information for new SWF machine sales, genuine SWF parts and certified SWF service technicians will be available.  Also see our press release stating we are the sole distribution point for SWF industrial embroidery machines manufactured by Sunstar.  Enjoy viewing the 2016 embroidery machines being currently produced in Korea.  SWF/Stitch It International is also now the official distribution point for the Western United States eliminating the multiple distribution points of confusion about who to contact for sales, parts, service and support.  SWF/Stitch It International will be happy to support all your SWF needs as we move forward "Sewing, Worldwide, Forwards".  See you in Nashville!!!

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