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Industrial Embroidery Machine Support

Jason Starkey - Friday, December 18, 2015

Here at SWF we know the importance of having New Embroidery Machines supported from day one until you are ready to retire the machine from service. That is why we have some exciting news that I will have to wait to share, well I will give you a hint. One of the premier technicians who is responsible for supporting the SWF Brand from it's beginning in the United States will be coming to lead our SWF support of New SWF Embroidery Machines in our eastern territory. He will also be available to support the SWF machines already in service, he loves to train and make sure those SWF Embroidery Machines run smooth. We will not be able to disclose this information until January, but I can't wait to let you know. In the mean time please call or email us on any of your SWF embroidery machine needs. We look forward to supporting you and your SWF Embroidery Machine.

New SWF Embroidery Machine Financing Options

Jason Starkey - Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Financing equipment can be an important part of any business, Embroidery businesses are affected like most other industries in this way. That's why at SWF we have realized the importance of offering New Embroidery Machines financing options.  The lease options from the SWF website all offer $1.00 buy outs at the end of the agreement to let you make the decision that best suits your business and it's current state.  It may make sense to buy your SWF embroidery machine at the end of the lease and it may make sense to start over with a brand new SWF machine.  As the business owner you will be the one to make these decisions, we are just happy at that time you have options.  The lease may be just the right fit for expanding embroidery businesses or the embroidery business that has just started. Generating revenue while you work is a comforting feeling for someone that has made an investment in equipment and at the end,  this program gives you options.  All New SWF Embroidery Machine models are available to lease, from the MA-6, MAN-12, E-T1501C, E-T1501, E-U1501, Dual Function machines like the B-T1202D, K-Series Dual, and the SWF K-Series multi-heads.  In the end, SWF wants you to make the best decision possible for your business and we hope it will be the decision that allows you to be serviced and supported by SWF.   

Why purchase a New SWF Embroidery Machine?

Jason Starkey - Monday, December 14, 2015

Three reasons to purchase a New SWF Embroidery Machine. Number one, SWF offers a solid product.  Across the new embroidery machine lines, SWF has a reliable machine, if it didn't you would not still be searching it and hoping someone has picked up this Brand to supply the level of service embroiders expect and deserve.  Number two, SWF is priced affordably compared to it's competition, and that is the true competitors like Tajima and Barudan, They offer quality machines also and if you are seriously looking to be an embroider for long term, you probably should be looking at one of the three.  With that said, SWF offers lot's of return on investment, when installed and maintained properly the SWF is a long lasting machine with trade-in value remaining when you are ready to upgrade.  Three, customer support and service, What? you can't believe I brought that up! Well,  the way I see it,  the SWF brand was supported by a quality distributor in the East before us, they sold this brand for a reason, it was solid, they sold a lot of SWF, SWF is still solid. It's our job now to provide the  support and service and we are dedicated to doing our job.  We are very excited to be bringing the New SWF Embroidery Machines for Sale in our assigned region.  Please let us support you and your SWF needs.  Thanks.


Displaying New SWF Embroidery Machines at DAX show in Chicagoland

Jason Starkey - Monday, December 07, 2015

SWF is excited to be signed up for the DAX show in Chicagoland April 22-23 2016.  Come see SWF's New Embroidery Machines for Sale on display in booth 346.  We plan on displaying SWF's impressive line of Industrial Single Head, K-Series and Dual Function Embroidery Machines.  Come see the Quick Change Cap System and the ease of changing over from flats to caps, this could open up your business's ability to offers different embroidery options without creating wasteful downtime.  Also check out SWF's Dual Function Machine, these allow you to run the same or different designs on all flats, flats and caps or all caps.  Last, but not least, check out SWF's easy oiling system and the advantage of eliminating the lost time of preventative maintenance while ensuring your investment is being properly maintained.   The SWF oiling system is one of the top reasons why the SWF is sought after as a embroidery machine trade-in.  Hope to see you in Chicago at booth 346. 

How SWF can help with Cap Embroidery

Jason Starkey - Thursday, December 03, 2015

One major issue embroidery shops encounter with cap's is basic framing.  Many embroiderers consider this task time consuming and difficult.  If handled correctly Cap's are no more difficult to embroider than any other apparel.  The SWF Quick Change Cap System is the most efficient change over system.  Most embroidery machines require the standard frame to be removed before you could embroider caps. With the SWF Quick Change Cap System, the Cap frame simply slides onto the machines original frame and locks into position. This process is much quicker than the conventional cap frame and can be changed over in seconds.  To see the Quick Change Cap System in use, stop by the SWF booths at any of the listed trade shows on our about us page.  We will be able to show you the benefits in purchasing a New SWF Industrial Embroidery Machine.   


Dual Function Embroidery Machines

Jason Starkey - Tuesday, December 01, 2015

SWF Dual Function Embroidery Machines can handle large orders like the traditional embroidery equipment or operate like two separate machines running two orders at the same time.  This can all happen through the use of a single touch-screen control panel.  SWF Dual Function technology will allow you to make the most of your equipment budget with the capability to run separate designs on the same garment or different garments simultaneously.  The SWF Dual Function Machine can run flats and hats at the same time.  SWF currently has the SWF B-T1202D in stock and the K-UH1504D-45 and the SWF/K-UH1506D-45 on order.  Contact us to reserve an New SWF Industrial Embroidery Machine today.  We do accept Embroidery Machine Trade-Ins on all New Embroidery Machine Sales.  We have New SWF MA-6, MAN-12, E-T1501C, E-T1501, E-U1501, B-T1202D, K-Series, and Dual Function Embroidery Machines for Sale. Look forward to seeing you at the Embroidery Mart in Columbus, Ohio February 19-20, 2016.

SWF Industrial Embroidery Machines for Sale

Jason Starkey - Monday, November 30, 2015

We currently have New SWF Industrial Embroidery Machines for Sale and immediate delivery on units in stock.  We are also accepting orders for New Industrial Embroidery Machines to be delivered in 2016.  Quotes are available today on our SWF Models:  MA-6, MAN-12, E-T1501C, E-T1501, E-U1501, B-T1202D, K-Series and SWF Dual Function Models.  We are your contact for all Sales, Support, and Parts for your SWF models in the Eastern United States as well as Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.  We look forward to seeing you at Embroidery Mart in Columbus, Ohio February 19-20, 2016. 

2015 New Purchase Advantages

Jason Starkey - Friday, November 20, 2015

Already tired of Campaign’s? Let’s make this one count. Preorder your New SWF Embroidery Machine to receive 2015 advantages before time runs out!  Any order completed before January 1st will receive our installation package free of charge.  Any new make or model carried by SWF is included, Single head, Multi-head and even Dual function. We accept Embroidery Machine Trade-Ins!  Help us carry all our States with SWF RED in 2016! See SWF map on about us section to see which states fall inside our territory.  Hope and Change, check out our Quick Change Cap System, or Conservatism, take a look at our proven K-Series and its proven dependability, we have them both, don’t be late,  let’s sew this up now! 

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