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Industrial, Commercial or Home Embroidery Machines

Jason Starkey - Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What are Industrial, Commercial or Home version embroidery machines?  The Commercial or Industrial embroidery machine has been built for production and continual use.  By continual we mean it is ran for long periods of time, day after day. In the current embroidery industry commercial or industrial embroidery machines are most commonly multi-needle machines.  These needles are used to change between colors quickly and easily to increase production and decrease the time it takes to embroider product. The commercial or industrial machines differ from home embroidery machines in mainly there construction, at one time they were most commonly single needle but the industry is seeing more multi-needle home machines as technology develops.  Most home or hobby based machines are made up of plastic components which will not stand up to the heat and demand of production long term. Generally home embroidery machines also have a limited embroidery area and are limited to few accessories compared to industrial machines.  Problems and breakdowns may also be catastrophic and make no sense to repair on home model machines.  However, home machines are very inexpensive compared to commercial machines and can be purchased from most small sewing machine distributors or even shopping centers. Some examples of Home Embroidery machines are brands like Janome, Brother and Bernina.  SWF offers a crossover model between home and commercial deemed the MA-series which includes the MA-6 and the MAN-12.  Examples of industrial and commercial embroidery machines would be SWF, Tajima, Barudan and ZSK.   

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