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Embroidery Machines by SWF

Jason Starkey - Friday, June 24, 2016

Embroidery machines by SWF are now supported in the United States by Stich It International.  January 1st 2016, SWF/Stitch It International started distributing new SWF embroidery machines, new SWF parts and servicing SWF machines in the Midwest and Eastern United States. SWF offers a full line of commercial embroidery machines at an affordable price compared to other industry leaders.  The SWF embroidery machine combines longevity and affordability in the industry.  You can buy cheaper machines but you cannot match the quality per price.  Please check out the SWF new embroidery machines at our website and make the right decision for your embroidery business.  SWF offers dual function embroidery machines that no other embroidery machine manufacturer makes in the industry.  You can accomplish two separate embroidery jobs at the same time using SWF. Check out our SWF/B-T1202D, 1X1, 2 head embroidery machine, the SWF/K-UH1504D, 2X2, 4 head embroidery machine, the SWF/K-UH1506D, 3X3, 6 head embroidery machine and the SWF/K-UH1508D, 4x4, 8 head embroidery machine at our website or the link:

6 Head Embroidery Machines

Jason Starkey - Friday, May 27, 2016

SWF industrial embroidery machines offer three 6 head embroidery machine options.  The SWF UH1506, UK1506 and the dual function UH1506D.  We currently have all SWF 6 Head Embroidery Machine options in stock at our location in Patton Missouri.  The standard field and expanded field six head machines are workhorses pumping out production at a very affordable price compared to competitors of similar quality.  The SWF/K-UH1506D dual function allows embroiders to run all six heads on the same job or use the machine as to separate three head machines.  You can run a hat design and a shirt job at the same time to speed up turnaround time for customers as your shop opens up slots for new business.  All three 6 head embroidery machines we offer from SWF comes standard with the Quick Change Cap system which allows changing back and forth from job to job to be quick and easy.  Along with providing three six head embroidery machine options SWF/Stitch It International also will accept your old embroidery machine as a trade.  We will come to your shop deliver install, train and remove your old machine. 

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