SB Series

The SWF SB-Series Automatic Embroidery Machines are Super High Speed. 1200 RPMs makes them built for bulk production and continuous use. The SWF SB-Series ranges from 6 to 15 color and 12 to 44 head. Contact a SWF sales representative for quotes needed on the SB-Series.

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Below is a list of the available downoads on this machine


Spec Description
Speed Max 1200 rpm
Motor Main AC Servo Motor x 1
X-Y AC Servo Motor x 2
Power Consumption 2.7 kW 
Lubrication System Semi-auto Lubrication System
Operation Box Color LCD Screen
Memory Capacity Standard: 4,000,000 Stitch
Media USB
Sewing Field Normal 200~6000 x 550~1,500 mm
7.87~23.62 x 21.65~59.05 inch


Feature Description
Expanded Memory Size Up to 100 designs can be saved to the memory and the capacity includes two million needles.
Mirror Image Conversion and Design Direction The design can be turned by 1° between 0° and 359°. Supports mirror image conversion (X-axis conversion).
Enlarging and Reducing Design Embroidery design can be increased/decreased by 1% to X or Y axis within the range from 50% to 200%.
General Repetition Work Same design can be repeated up to 99 times (X, Y axis direction).
Special Repetition Work Allows repeat work up to 63 times for various designs and can modify the angle and the mirror during the repeat work.
Automatic Offset To make frame replacement convenient, frame is automatically moved to the offset position after a completion of work. Offset position can be configured from the "Parameter Setting Mode"
Manual Offset Manual offset function allows users to manually move the frame to a certain position while embroidering. The function allows convenient applique and frame replacement during the embroidery process. Frame can be moved to its original position afterwards with simple key control.
Origin Return Allows frame to return to its start point during embroidery.
Float Stitch Function Needle bar can be moved forward or backward in the units of 1, 100, 1000, 10000 needles and color cord without actual embroidery.
Frame Backward Allows frame to move to the position where embroidery started from 1 to 10 times when the thread becomes cut or falls off from the frame.
Auto Return to the Embroidery Stop Position After Sudden Power Interruption In case of power outage, frame is automatically returned to the position where embroidery stopped. This function greatly reduces the risk of ruining embroidery from unexpected power outage.
Edit Function of the design Edit Function allows users to delete, modify, and/or insert stich data and function code such as jump, end, and trimming.
Individual Head Operation Individual Head Control allows users to control each head individually and leave other heads in their original location.


    • Geared motor enables simultaneous operation of all heads, ensuring accurate timing. Minimized motor noise for smooth & stable operation. Upper thread holder on each head can be individually turned on. 
    •  Applied with new Operation Box of slim design and upgrade key type. 
    • Improvement of CPU Processor. 
    • Improved function for input and output of designs through USB Mass Storage Device. 
    • Support LAN and CAN network. Applied On-Board System to which Memory Card is included on CPU Card. 
    • Applied unification I/O Board. External FDD. 
    • Simple and convenient wiring for improvement of service and maintenance. 
    •  All types of machines are equipped with anti-vibration gear. 
    • Enhanced safety enables high-quality embroidery work. 
  •  X-Y DRIVE 
    •  AC servo motor for X-Y drive : super precision control. 
    •  Prevents unthreading in the heads stopped during embroidery. 
    • Higher productivity. 
  • JUMP 
    •  No big drop of speed during high-speed jumps : high productivity. 
    •  New plate structure and thread way. 
    • Reduced load on thread compared to old version. 
    • Stable thread flow and smooth thread way. 
  • FRAME 
    •  Light and stronger frame ensures higher quality embroidery. 
  • BODY 
    • Light and durable one-beam-type structure. 
    • Applied with Control Box of improved stabilization of power system and convenience of maintenance. 
    • Easy connection of Main power input wiring and Simplication of output power. 
    • Equiped with high-capacity Noise Filter and Surge Protector for controller protection and satety stablization. 
    • XY Driver are included in Control Box for High efficiency of signal forwarding and convenience of maintenance. 
    • Simplification of DC voltage supply.
    • Trim Driver is included on Joint Board. 
    • Applied with Lock Type Connector for convenience of maintenance and reduction of trouble. 
    • Increased reliability of improved new ventilation. 
    • Damages made to cam are greatly reduced by applying steel cam follower to outer part of take-up lever
    • Detects errors in power and displays current power status or blocks unstable power to protect controller 
    • Features magnetic switch in addition to main switch to secure stability 
    • Reduces unnecessary wiring 
    • Internal X,Y-Driver 
    • Improved signal transferability following shortened cable length 
    • Easy to check driver status 
    • Installed internal Control Box that we espect enhanced work and A/S efficiency. 
    • Enhanced key-type operation box 
    • Large 10.4" Graphic TFT LCD monitor 
    • Communication-type easy control for convenient work 
    • Supports 2DD/2HD FDD, USB Memory Stick, LAN 
    • Multi-language support 
    • Touch Screen (Option) Operation Box 
    • Improved CPU Clock 
    • Improved reliability with fan application