Getting Started in the Embroidery Business

Want the freedom of your own embroidery business?

The employees at SWF have over 75 years of experience in the embroidery industry. We will be happy to help you start your own embroidery business with the purchase of a New SWF Embroidery Machine.  Here at SWF we are continually working on programs to help you purchase SWF machines throughout your businesses life.  Life and the way you live it may be the reason you are looking at starting your own embroidery business. 

Your own business can give you freedom to work when you desire and as hard as you desire.  We at SWF would not recommend you start an embroidery business without the skills needed.  So you need to ask yourself a few questions.  Do I have the skills necessary to operate or train someone to operate the embroidery machines we are operating? Probably so if you are to this stage of starting your own embroidery business.  Do I have a business plan?  This is a very important question to ask.  For your business to be successful you will have to have a plan.  Who will I have as a customer base?  Who will use the services I provide or buy the goods I am producing?  We at SWF are here to help you think through these important questions on this exciting journey. 


Do I have the skills I need to start an Embroidery Business?

Most machines today are automated and it takes some knowledge of computers and software to run them effectively.  You will need a basic knowledge of computer programs along with the SWF factory installation training to get you headed on your way.  At this point in the decision to start your own embroidery business most of you have been involved in the industry in some shape or fashion.  If additional support or training is needed SWF will be there to help you through it.  Next, have you taken the necessary time to work on a business plan?  Business plans will vary from business to business and most situations are unique.  Unfortunately, there is know one set blueprint that can give you step by step instructions how to run your business.  That's why we refer to your business as a living entity.  It will need to be nurtured to experience all the joyful rewards of watching it change and grow to it's full potential.  The last mentioned questions is also part of your business plan.  How are you going to make a profit from your labor and time invested? Also, where are you selling your goods and services?  Last, are you selling them at a level to be profitable and competitive.  Let's look at a few important factors in this planning. 



While most of today’s fashion embroidery, clothing that you find in retail chain stores or department stores, is produced by large companies, smaller local shops create the majority of other items you see day to day.   Who are you looking to service?  In most cases the local school or business would rather work with someone they know locally who can provide these services.  Is there already someone providing these services?  If yes, can you provide better quality at the same price or equal quality at a lower price?  This is exactly where a new SWF embroidery machine could make the difference.  Proven dependability at a fair price.   


Where will you operate your business from?  Most new embroidery businesses start up out of the home.  This allows you to start part time or full time while establishing you customer base and keeping cost low.  If needed you can be your own lessor.  SWF offers machines designed for this start up.  See Equipment.  


SWF has a vary established line of single head embroidery machines to fit in home or confined space.  From the SWF MA-6, MAN-12, E-T1501C(Compact) to the SWF E-T1501 and the Heavy Industrial Framed E-U1501. 


  • Software – we recommend one of the Wilcom Digitizing Software applications
  • Supplies – including backings, toppings, thread, needles, etc.
  • Support -- we have SWF factory trained technicians on hand along with Start-up-kits and parts stock for all SWF models.   

There are other items you’ll need for “business” purposes, like a business license, website and embroidery Facebook Page, and accounting software to keep track of the profits.

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Talk to others JUST LIKE YOU! Facebook offers embroidery groups for you to get your questions answered and be inspired by both the start-up stories and the success of other embroiders.

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